Dustin Martin praying over a family at an event

Exploits for Him

Dustin Martin is becoming a recognized nationally and internationally known speaker and author. His call is to impart words of grace and spiritual gifts that bring spiritual renewal and awaking to the church. To establish core biblical truths that restore assurance and confidence in this season right before the return of Christ. Also by encouraging each one’s faith, activating great exploits that bring recognition and glory to the Father while building the kingdom of God in and through the local church. All this and more with a dash of humor, as we know laughter does good like a medicine. 

About Our Family

For the past sixteen years, Dustin has been happily married to Mandy Martin. They have two wonderful children, Ezra and Brooklyn. They reside and have lived in Texas for the last thirteen years. Both Dustin and Mandy grew up in ministry homes. Dustin’s parents were Children’s and Associate Pastors for 27+ years. Mandy’s parents pioneered churches and Bible schools in the Philippines and around East Texas. In 2012, Dustin and Mandy stepped out from being Student Pastors and launched Martin Ministries International, which is thriving and going strong.

Dustin and Mandy Martin family

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Dustin prepares a monthly letter to friends and partners that he believes is a word in season for his readers. Both timely and encouraging, each letter arrives with words that bring hope and a steadiness to their hearts. Also, with each letter you can find Dustin’s upcoming schedule and other projects or assignments that God has placed on Dustin’s heart.

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