I want to wish you a very sincere Happy New Year! I know that in 2023 God has abundance with no limit for each of us. Let us set our hearts to expect all that has been set aside in this season and resist the tendency to doubt and get in fear concerning the progression of what we see in our world. There is only good news for the church, so lift your eyes for your redemption draws near!

As I prepared for this new year and sought the Lord concerning it, there is one thing that continues to surface in my heart that I have been pondering and meditating on, and that is this, does it matter what you believe? I want you to take a moment and truly think about this question as I know it holds the answer to the trajectory of your life.

As we see more and more prophecy fulfilled in our lifetime and the time stamps of events that mark the end of the age, we must begin to wipe the sleep from our eyes and diligently maintain a steady gaze on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Some of the church’s greatest enemies are complacency and a lackadaisical mindset that ignores the urgency that we see in the word of God concerning the catching away of the church and the return of Christ. This is why I know the voice that God has placed on Martin Ministries International is of the most importance and holds great value. In 2023 we will boldly awaken a generation by imparting spiritual gifts, restore confidence by establishing one’s position in Christ, and activate the believer to greater exploits for the kingdom of God!

To answer the question, yes, it does matter what you believe. Your very salvation and all that it produces hang in the balance.

A belief system is created by the acceptance of absolute truth producing a core conviction that manages your thoughts, words, and actions. When we begin to dismantle a belief because of the actions of others or the lack of results that were expected from those beliefs we place ourselves in position to become deceived. Deception is the result of stepping out of the light of God’s word and entering darkness.

Therefore, I want you to keep Hebrews 10:39 close to your heart and make it a 2023 verse. It reads, “But we are not of those who draw back to perdition (destruction) but of those who believe to the saving of the soul.” Remember that your soul is tied to your spirit. Although your spirit is made new your soul is still in need of salvation, therefore we renew it daily to God’s word. Renewing your mind affects the seat of your emotions which are your feelings, affections, and desires aligning them with God’s plan and will. God warns us here not to deconstruct our foundational beliefs as this breaks down our trust and hinders our ability to accomplish our given purpose.

Let’s examine how one man dealt with activating his belief in the face of opposition, with miraculous results. In Mark 5, Jesus finds Himself amid a crowd being pulled at from every side. At that moment a ruler of the synagogue approached Jesus asking Him to come and heal his extremely sick daughter. This ruler, Jairus, said in Mark 5:23, “Come and lay Your hands on her, that she may be healed, and she will live.” When you begin to stand and proclaim your belief is when you can expect opposition and Jairus soon experienced this.

Jairus declared his belief but then there was an interruption that slowed the progress of Jesus coming to his house to heal his daughter’s illness as Jesus ministered healing and restoration to a woman in the crowd. Because of the interruption Jesus did not arrive at Jairus’ home before the despair of a loved one passing was broadcasted. We see in Mark 5:35 (TPT) it says, “And before he (Jesus) had finished speaking, people arrived from Jairus’ house and pushed through the crowd to give Jairus the news: ‘There’s no need to trouble the master any longer – your daughter has died.”

Doubt will always push its way into your mind with natural and visible proof. It will try and convince you of why your belief in God is of no value or importance. It will say, “It’s a waste of your time and you should reevaluate and redirect your belief.” In other words, your life would be better spent believing anything else but this. Please hear the words of Jesus in response to such doubt. Mark 5:36 (TPT) reads, “But Jesus refused to listen to what they were told (Cliff note: At times there must be a holy “deafness” to the words of others, words that would distract us from the purposes of God.) and said to the Jewish official, ‘Don’t yield to fear. All you need to do is to keep on believing.’” The quickest way to stop a miracle is to stop believing.

In 2023 I want to encourage you, no matter the hardship experienced in 2022, to not allow the enemy to bring doubt or fear to the purposes of God for your life. You have too much to accomplish for the Kingdom to waste time in deliberation and consideration of that which is nothing more than background noise trying to push its way to the front to get you to give up just before the miracle happens. All things are possible to them that believe! (Mark 9:22-24)

Don’t stop believing!!

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