Have you ever been frustrated? I mean just completely dissatisfied with the way things are and at times feeling as though you’re losing your mind? I’ve got great news for you!

1 Corinthians 13:13 Now abide faith, hope, and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

These are the original three amigos: faith, hope and love. When we find ourselves facing opposition to the promises of God, naturally frustration wants to creep in and walk us hand in hand down the road of failure and disappointment. God’s plan to consistently produce His will in us and for our lives is always in the NOW. Biblical faith is now. Biblical hope is now. Biblical love is now. These three forces energize each other and work to bring about results and eliminate frustration.

  • Faith is the hand that lays hold of the promises of God.

  • Hope is the inner image drawn by God’s words

  • Love is the unlimited source of God’s ability and supply. 

When you apply all three you have complete access to the riches of heaven. When faith, hope or love is abandoned or misunderstood, our ability to create and obtain is lost and inevitably, frustration begins to knock at our door. Why frustration? What we desire seems elusive, while needs cuddle up close. We know that all that God has is ours and yet living in our inheritance seems to be kept at arm’s length, not by God’s desire of course but by the trespassing lies of the devil in our minds.

Without complete confidence and impending awareness of God’s limitless love faith is paralyzed. Without a clear vision of the inner image that God has created us to be, faith has nothing to lay hold of. When the fiery darts are thrown and wailing winds attempt to penetrate and push us off course of God’s designed plan it is these three that anchor us, obtain for us and empower us to stay in place to see the manifestation of the goodness of God.

Each ingredient is vital, as they assist and produce absolute victory and make us strong, overcoming and soaring. If you are having trouble expressing your faith, make sure the revelation of God’s love is alive in you. If your faith seems to be void of producing results, check the inner image of what it is that you see. Godly hope will see the promise as already yours, which is why it’s defined as a joyful expectation.

“Faith grips what hope sees and love has given.”

 Don’t panic or give up. Simply stop and take a spiritual checkup:

  1. Is the picture painted according to truth?

  2. Am I standing without consideration to the opposition?

  3. Is my success limitless?

If you have answered YES to all three questions then the ingredients to your advancement are present and you can confidently expect absolute fulfillment in all things.  I challenge you to apply faith, hope, and love to your situation and watch what God does.

Exploits for Him,

Dustin and Mandy Martin

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