“I Lost It”

Some of the hardest things to let go of as you learn to have faith in God is self preservation and doing things your way. The thought of “you know best” and the desire “to do for yourself” what God promises He will do for you can be like having sticky fingers, you just can’t seem to let anything go, but with a consistent meditation and given attention to the Word of God you can “Lose It”

In Luke 9:23-24 Jesus is speaking to a group of people that had a desire to follow Him, so He plainly states the expectations. (a sign of a great leader)

“If anyone “DESIRES” to come after Me…..

1. Deny self. This is the act of denial, refusing to allow self to dictate your emotions and thought process in any given situation. I will not try and preserve my life, its not my job or my responsibility. Jesus said in Matthew that we are not to worry about our lives. Paul said to cast every care over on Him for He cares for you. Yet every day we are tempted to take our lives into our own hands and try and figure out how we are going to make the next deal, promotion, step or relationship work out, STOP! You need to say, “Lord, I trust you and I will allow you to be my Lord and savior in this time and place, thank you for taking care of me!”

2. Take up your cross daily. This is not bearing the load of sickness, heartache, or poverty this is one thing and that is a daily decision to submit to God in every area of life, refusing to be moved by what you want or don’t want. Jesus displayed this so well in the garden when He said, “Father, not what I want, but what You want”. God has a master plan for your life that leads to joy and prosperity, we can follow Him and live in constant rest and peace or we can live in the chaos, you choose.

Take time today and just LOSE IT, give your life and will to Him and watch what He does!!

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