In my morning time with the Father today, random thoughts on the fear of the Lord started swarming my mind. I jump and grabbed John Bevere’s book The Fear of The Lord and began thumbing through it. As I did it stir my heart, so I began praying when inspiration came to write. So, here’s what I wrote in answering the question, why do we fear God?

Always remember that Jesus didn’t come todo away with the law but to fulfill it. Everything we have comes through Him.

The law that brought Gods righteous judgement was satisfied in Christ. Through Christ we’re given wisdom, right standing, holiness (sanctified) and a completed purchase free from sin. 1 Corinth 1:30

We fear God not because of an awaited verdict of penalty but because by faith and through grace we without opposition can walk in complete wisdom and understanding having full knowledge of His will and ways. Through such, trust is strengthen and rest reigns with penetrating peace in the hearts of every believer.

We fear God because we have come to value His presence, purpose, person, and protection in which causes us to cling to Him for length of days and abundant life. This clarity of Christ has made our decision of fearing the Lord easy and through the grace that was ushered in by Christ’s arrival, our ability to choose Him knows no indecision. The subject of the fear of the Lord for some brings thoughts of duty, but in Christ its understood as the way of life free of burden. Being completely confident that as we fix our level and quality in which we honor God our only direction will be one of success. Everyday as we stand in abundant awe of Him, His love fills us and silences every quivering voice of fear. His merciful hand lifts us and His pursuing goodness overtakes us daily.

We fear God because we know Him intimately and worship Him in spirit and truth; with hands raised and praise bubbling from our spirits we magnify our creator declaring His consuming character that produces the expression of joy in every moment.

We fear God because in it is the sharpening of the axe; the preparation of decision and the construction of all creation. The fear of the Lord walks you past temptation and through the temperatures of the fire without incident or accident, it places you in position to REIGN IN LIFE!

Why do we walk in the fear of the Lord? Why not? When honor, reverence, and awe is given by revelation of Jesus Christ of the One who loves you beyond the natural minds ability, your location will never be one of dissatisfaction or limit.

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