Having a correct understanding of grace is vital to any believer’s life.

When we see grace as the get out of jail card or the umbrella that covers our sins from God it produces a lazy mentality and a excuse ridden people. God see’s you one way and that is in Christ. You are His righteousness, holy and accepted. Kenneth Copeland said it like this, “When you repent of sin, its not when God found out about it, but when you released its effect in your life.” Grace was given for you to RISE up and live in His life and not the death of the enemy.

For example:

boy: I didn’t bring my home work today because my dog ate it (this is an excuse)
teacher: it’s ok son, grace will covered it
boy: So I don’t have to do my homework?
teacher: Nope, in fact if don’t ever have to do anything ever again in my class, with grace you’ll still graduate with honors.
boy: Sweet, I’ll be in the back chilling, waiting for P.E.!

We are saved by grace not by works, but we are saved by grace for good works. We are to do even greater works than He for we have His fullness in us now. For as He is so are we in this world. This comes with a correct understanding of your righteousness and His abundant grace.

We must receive the grace of God and use it to live in the righteous position He has made us to be. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places high above the enemy, victorious. In the natural we may be weak, but in the spirit we are more than conquerors and victors. For GRACE and truth came in Christ Jesus, its not by our might or strength any way, its by the His Spirit in us.

Grace is not the forgiveness of the excuse but the empowerment to accomplish the assignment in Him.

Grace does not overlook, but overcomes by establishing in us the ability to rise above every lie and temptation of the devil. It is the ABUNDANT GRACE and the gift of righteousness that causes us to reign in life!

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