If you have 20/20 vision, you have, according to an optometrist, the ability to see an image clearly at a distance of 20 feet. If the image becomes unclear from that distance, correction is required to align the vision where clarity returns, and movement and activity can resume.

The greatest ploy of the enemy is to attack the spiritual sight of the Body of Christ. Proverbs 29:18 MSG reads, “If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; but when they attend to what He reveals, they are most blessed.” When vision is lost or interrupted by the enemy’s distractions and deceptions, the momentum of the vision is lost. The instructions that the Word provides are to maintain and hold Single Vision. When you have single vison there is the same corrective power applied over the entire lens of the viewing area. When the power is decreased vision turns into Double Vision. Double Vision is the simultaneous perception of two images. This is a dangerous place to be, as it creates confusion and trepidation. James 1:8 says, “He is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.” Doubt attacks vision which brings hesitation ending with devastation. Proverbs 29:18 NKJV says, “Where there is no revelation…” The margin of my Bible says, ‘Prophetic vision’ “People cast off restraint.” Our single vision is made up of the revelation or prophetic vision that is provided through the Spirit and Word of God.

We were created to need revelation, prophetic vision, and absolute dependency on God. This type of vision holds the ability to see into the future placing valuable information into the heart of the seer. This treasured content once seen and known enables one to conduct oneself accordingly with what has been revealed. In other words, this vision gives one the ability to think about and plan the future with hope and wisdom or expectation and skillful know-how.

What I want you to see is that every opposition to your life is simply the enemy’s attempt to steal vision and paralyze your faith and your ability to accomplish your God-given destiny. Vision defines destiny and awakens purpose.

God’s vision revealed in your life will always demand provision. The suffix ‘pro’ here means advancement. Ultimately, God wants to advance the vision He has placed in your heart to establish and build the Kingdom of God. He wants you to be completely dependent and focused on Him for fulfillment. It is when we begin to lose sight of God’s love that we think and act as if we ourselves are the source and supply of the vision. God never intended for you to hold the weight of the vision.

Responsibility is a response to one’s ability. The reason most get frustrated with financial concerns is that they are trying to respond to the vision, the call that rests in their hearts, with an ability that God did not assign. Again, dependency is the required fuel for the vision given. Love thrives in and aids those diligently setting their hand to what God has revealed concerning Himself and the mission for our time. Take time to allow God to give you the vision and purpose of what He wants you to do. Your employment is not your purpose or source, rather it is where God can use you to touch lives and gain wealth to build the kingdom of God and hurry the return of Christ.  

I want to conclude with what the Lord said while I was at the gym. He said, “I want to talk to you about vision.” Soon after as I was praying to get counsel for this month’s newsletter, I heard the Lord speak these words to my heart for you, my partners.

The vision I have for My church before they are dismissed/removed is one of power and position. They must not be distracted or deceived. For the labor pains of fulfillment must continue as we draw close to the time of desolation. Stop being surprised by the workings of the enemy and the ploys he brings to hinder my work and Word. Make no mistake it’s all spiritual as there is a great war for territory and control before the end. But the Body of Christ must rise up and rally. Differences and disagreements set aside so that the vision can be accomplished in its fullness and greatness. Unity of love is the antidote to the illness created through lies. Love is the bond of perfection, completeness, and maturity.

Vision is hungry and must be fed with the Word and time of prayer. This keeps the vision clear and energized. Again, don’t get pulled into the war of this world’s system that is fighting for position and control, but stay under the shadow of the Almighty. Stay close through the words of Christ when the mind seems to wonder, pondering steps, ‘Not My will, but yours be done, Lord!’ For this place is free from the selfish focus and doubt that accompanies such thinking and places you safely in position to bear all things without weakening, holding firm the image and wisdom to walk out the destiny and call that I have for each of my children. They hold so much in each of them that must be seen and walked in for all to be done and for lives to be saved. They possess the ability to liberate, to set free, those that are sinking in the fears of this time, to heal, restore and manifest My glory from the revealed knowledge that is ever ready in them. My children do not fail, instead, they succeed. They flourish in famine for I am unwilling to allow the work of My Son, Jesus Christ, to be mocked. He fulfilled and gave His body all that is Mine and I have become One in them. Listen, you are present at this particular time, My children, because I’ve destined you to be My mouth and hands that I need to establish My kingdom. All the Resources provided are to build and promote Christ! I have you covered and supplied, don’t worry, know your position and power and finish strong, says the Lord.”

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