I don’t know about you, but I am thinking a lot about the times we are living in and what the word of God has to say concerning them. It is vital for us all, like the sons of Issachar, from 1 Chronicles 12:32 (NLT), to understand the signs of the times and know the best course that we individually and together should take. 1 Thessalonians 5:4-6 (MSG) encourages us saying, “But friends, you’re not in the dark, so how could you be taken off guard by any of this? You’re sons of Light, daughters of Day. We live under wide open skies and know where we stand. So let’s not sleepwalk through life like those others. Let’s keep our eyes open and be smart.” It is an exciting time to be alive!

Considering the spiritual understanding and knowledge that you possess by the Spirit of God, forsake every doubt as we move forward through 2020. Worry, care, anxiety, and overwhelming mental oppression are Satan’s tools to deceive and distract you, to suffocate the sufficiency that you possess in Christ. These are our times and the world needs what lives in us now more than ever. The cries of the lost, those in darkness, grow louder with each passing second. They look for those who are not overtaken by confusion and frustration, but instead are living with power and authority found in Christ.

When I hear the word “Christ”, I also hear the word “fullness”. Christ simply means The Anointed or The Anointed one. It would be good for you to translate the word Christ to The Anointed, or The Anointed One every time you read it and then meditate on it and allow the Spirit of God to bring illumination and revelation concerning that verse. Colossians 2:9-10 in the (TPT) reveals great depths to this thought, “For he is the complete fullness of deity living in human form. And our own completeness is now found in him. We are completely filled with God as Christ’s fullness overflows within us. He is the Head of every kingdom and authority in the universe!

That full supply of everything needed for this life lives in you and is for your use. It destroys restrictions and eliminates weights so that you can become the answer to the situation rather than add to the problem. This is why Satan wants you to be overcome by your problem or issue, because it restricts the fullness that you possess and stops you from assisting and liberating others who are overtaken by the enemy’s lies being spread through current events. Selfishness is the number one restriction to the anointing or fullness that you have been given in Christ, so watch for it. We are here to help, not hide.

The warning provided in Colossians 2 deals directly with being detached from Christ and His fullness.   

Read aloud these words from Colossians 2:8 (TPT) “Beware that no one distracts you or intimidates you in their attempt to lead you away from Christ’s fullness by pretending to be full of wisdom when they’re filled with endless arguments of human logic. For they operate with humanistic and clouded judgment based on the mindset of the world system, and not the anointed truths of the Anointed One.” Wow, I don’t know about you, but that verse sums it all up for me. These times are not to sway us off course or into a bothered mess, but rather into the training that we have received over the years. To suit up with the whole armor of God and live each day ready to release the fullness of all God has placed in us and see the lives of others forever changed, healed, liberated, delivered, and set abundantly free.

I leave you with this. Prayer awakens and encourages fullness. Jesus is our example in this time and season we are living in just before His return. Luke 1:15-16 shows us exactly what to do, “However, the report went around concerning Him all the more; and great multitudes came together to hear, and to be healed by Him of their infirmities. So He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed.” The demand of the fullness and anointing that is in us is kept charged and ready by the time we spend in the presence, power, and agency of God.

Be encouraged because the times we are living in are full of trials, tribulations, and persecutions, but the fullness in you is so much greater and is ever ready to supply the need. Need healing – supplied. Need peace – supplied. Need strength – supplied. Need wisdom – supplied. Everything needed for this life and godliness is found in Him, in the fullness of His anointing.

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