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Just before the New Year the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “2014 is about glory, presence, fulfillment; it’s about righteousness; it’s about turning your back in defiance to the enemy knowing the glory of the Lord is your guard and righteousness is your processional guide.” With this in mind I want to talk on the subject of righteousness and its effect in our lives.

****If you like, join me in the outline provided above.****

To finish up I want to share one more word the Lord shared with me concerning 2014.

The Lord said, “Dustin, we (the body) must stay close to the heart beat of God. Complete intimacy with the Father is of most importance. Know His Word, Hear His Voice, and Obey The Instructions for they are plans of life and prosperity. Do not become expectant and confident in your own thinking; Demand the response of Heaven and require as a necessity of life His face. There is no substitution or filler, His face is where the knowledge of the glory lies and it is required to live in this time and space. Don’t calculate or speculate; press in and become saturated by Him and know that He is God.

Now we can understand why the devil wants us to be so discouraged and believe the lies that keep us from our place in the face of the Father. Press in my friends, press in!

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