In 1999 Pastors Jim and Jan Schmitt began pioneering a local church in Limerick Ireland. Naming the church World Outreach Christian Centre (WOCC) proved to be a great leading of the Holy Spirit as Ireland had strict policies affecting foreigners working and living in the country. After joining the European Union, Ireland become home to many from all over the world bringing WOCC’s name to life and proving its purpose.

Today WOCC is a thriving community of believers from all over the world. In fact as Mandy and I ministered on Saturday in the School of Ministry and preached on Sunday, many countries were represented including Poland, Mexico, Africa and the Philippians. God is truly doing a great work at WOCC.

This trip for Mandy and I was one for the books and we want to thank you, our partners and friends, for the support and prayers that made it such a great success.

The work that Pastors Jim and Jan have done is evident. The people are hungry and fervently desire truth. Every lesson and service as we stood to minister was met with pen and paper ready to receive the word. We taught in the Bible School on the topics of Love, The Will of God, Healing, Righteousness and Prayer of Intercession. Hour after hour what would seem to cause fatigue in the students and ourselves only generated excitement and expectation for what the Lord was going to minister next.

In the Sunday morning service we spoke on “Jesus – Our Only Hope” and encouraged the idea of allowing the word of God to produce the image of Christ in us and to only see that image instead of the circumstances. That morning we saw knees healed and edification and comfort ministered to individuals as the Spirit spoke specifically to the needs of several that were present.

In the youth we encouraged them from Mark 10:17 “The Rich Young Ruler” to come to Jesus as they are and not by their own efforts, shaking off past failures and hurts and taking the invitation to follow Christ to change their world for Him. It was a great set of meetings.

We had the opportunity to spend time with all those who labor with Pastor Jim and Jan including Pastors Brad and Amy Beebe and Pastors Jeremy and Kara DeJournett. We spent several days getting to hear their hearts and their passion for the Irish and the vision of WOCC. I would encourage you to stop by and see all that they are accomplishing and believe God with them in their vision at

Once again THANK YOU all, we love you and look forward to seeing you very soon.

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