I want to encourage you about the replacement of spiritual focus in the time or item you have decided to fast as you are expecting new insight, knowledge, inspiration, direction or simple but most needed spiritual refreshing.

This is step number 3 “REPLACE”, and just like the other two this step is VERY IMPORTANT!

I want to remind you of the steps and goal of fasting before I explain more. The previous steps were 1. Decide, 2. Consecrate and our primary goal in fasting is to quiet the flesh, lay down it’s wants and desires and awaken the spirit man to a focused communion with the Father. A lot of times when we have short or even prolonged fasts we cut something like caffeine which is a good and healthy choice, but falls short of the main objective and we end only complaining and telling everyone how we can’t wait for the fast to be over so we can have a Coke or a cup of coffee. Again, this act does not please God and makes your body madder than a hornet. We are better off not even participating in the fast. God is please when we are seeking Him by faith, and fasting with a purpose and mission to receive a reward/answer from Him, according to Matthew 6:16-17.

REPLACE: When taking something out of your routine or diet there must be a spiritual replacement, a time of seeking God. Time of reading the Word and also with all kinds and manner of prayer. We need to get in a quiet place, be still, and listen and allow the Lord to speak and give you what you DECIDED you were looking for.

Matthew 9:14-17 Jesus was question about fasting. Jesus made a statement that made it very clear that fasting was going to be a big part of the born again spirit filled believers life. Jesus said in vs 17b “but they put new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.” This is a statement that defines the new life of the reborn spirit man and the Spirit of God that is living within him. If we don’t REPLACE the item fasted with a focus on the Spirit and receiving the reward and spiritual boost, we have wasted our time and really haven’t done a New Testament fast at all.

Again the idea of self denial that is practiced by other religions is only that, a denial. When a reborn spirit filled believer sets a time to seek God and get away and gets close to Him the results are endless and full of potential.

Tomorrow we will wrap this up with “MINISTER”. I pray this has inspired you and actually made you want to start a fast to see what God would give! We serve a giving and faithful God that is for sure!!!

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