“Struggle to Success” 2

When I was in Bible College there was a well know quote that seemed to surface often which was, “Preparation time is never wasted time”. When it comes to fasting which is a serious and powerful tool used to solve seemingly impossible moments in our lives there is no such thing as too much preparation. Remember you are going into this to get something; a reward from God.

Text: Matthew 6:16-18 verse 18 “so that you do not appear to men to be fasting, but to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.”

We initiated these thoughts with step number one, “Decide”. Deciding what you’re expecting, what you’re going to fast and for how long is very important for it is the road map to your glorious journey. You wouldn’t head out on a long road trip to a destination you’ve never been on before with out a map or GPS devise, well neither should you when starting a fast.

Step 2: “Consecrate”
Now that you have an expectancy and direction in your fast its time to consecrate your fast before the Lord. Now some may say, “oh my goodness, get on with it already, just start the thing,” but I think it’s this kind of thinking that has given fasting a bad name and hindered it from being the powerful weapon that it is. It’s holy and sacred before God for He is Spirit and we are coming to Him in spirit. (Side note: You don’t contact God with your body, we commune with the Father, Spirit to spirit not flesh to Spirit. John 4:24)

To consecrate your fast is simple really but most effective in giving yourself the advantage in the long run. Grab the communion elements – grape juice and cracker – and sit down before the Lord and take a few minuets to minister unto the Lord (more on this in step 4) I like to read Psalms 145-150 which are all praises to the Lord for His greatness and majesty. Then out of the 11 chapter of 1 Corinthians verses 23-26 take communion. Say something like this, “Lord I’m committing this fast to you and I come expecting to receive from you. This will be the last food (or whatever you are led to stop) that I will partake of till the end of the fast. I receive my strength from you and thank you for the reward I will receive during this time.” Take time to examine your heart – not condemn – and if you have anything against anyone forgive them and confess any sin, receive your forgiveness and declare your righteousness. Confession is not a bad thing or ani-grace message. When you confess your sin it’s not when God finds out about it anyway it’s when you got rid of it’s effects in your life.

Its that simple, yet very powerful. This is making a heart decision that will not be moved by the mental or physical noise of the flesh during the fast. Now you’ve decided and consecrated yourself to the Lord and the struggle with no food, coke, facebook etc. it’s all but gone and success is yours, from struggle to success.

(Note: Natural preparation is always a help. Getting off coffee, tea, and sugar weeks before the fast is just plan smart and very helpful.

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