For most fasting is a four letter word that is avoided at all cost. I want to shed some light that I believe will turn fasting into an exciting time rather than hours of misery. Recently in a time of study the Lord help me in this area and my goal is to refresh you and encourage you in your walk with God, remember that when you fast its for your benefit not Gods.

4 steps that will turn a fast from torture, to REWARD!

Our main text will be Matthew 6:16-18 (I encourage you to read these verses) Notice a fast on the basis of seeking God and not mans applause bring a God reward/response.

Step One: Decide

1. Decide what you are expecting from God during the fast, this is vitally important. A answer, direction, the salvation of a loved one, maybe deliverance, revelation on a issue or insight from the Word of God. Whatever it may be get specific and get it out there, write it down. Starting a fast with no goal or objective in mind is really setting yourself up for failure. Fasting is a tool to quiet the flesh, lay it’s wants and desires down and awaken the spirit man to a focused communion with the Father.

***Fasting can be done by direction of the Lord, a called assembly, like a church, or simply personal desire***

2. Also decide what you’re going to fast and for how long. [The length of the fast really is not crucial, but is helpful when your flesh starts to panic] Again your fast is to gain something not just for a moment of self denial…self denial is not pleasing to God at all it does nothing for Him. Faith pleases and moves God. Prolonged fast should be by leading and direction of the Lord, remember under the New Covenant we are not trying to impress God by how long we can inflict ourselves of no fast food, coke, or Facebook. The length is only to say, “in this time I am going to seek God on such and such and by faith I receive my reward, my answer now”

When you get your answer then the fast should conclude; everything after the answer/reward is what I call “trying to impress”, you got it, move on. There was nothing magical about Daniel’s 21 day fast or Jesus’ 40 day fast. Daniel prayed till he received his answer and Jesus was led by the Spirit into His wilderness experience. What I want you to ask yourself is what is the purpose of the fast? Is it spiritual growth in the Word and prayer, needing an answer, what? The answer to these questions will help you in determining the purpose and length of your fast. If God leads you into a prolonged fast then go for it, He’s got some great things to reveal, just make sure you get it and like Jesus in Luke 4:14, you’ll return in the POWER of the spirit!

Bro. Hagin the founder of Rhema Bible Training Center said he never fasted for more than 3 days, that he always got his reward/answer with in a 3 day period. He also said a lot of times his answer/reward came within the first day.

I pray this information helps you and assist you. James 2:26 tells us that the flesh without the spirit is dead and Proverbs 4:20-22 says Gods Word is life and health. This life and health is received by the spirit and manifested in our bodies. The more we give to our spirits the more life/health is produced to our mortal flesh. Take time to refresh your spirit, and in the long run your flesh will be grateful for what is produced.

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