In 1996 I left home as a graduate of High School with high hopes and great ambitions. That summer I drove 2200 miles to a new town where I would attend Bible College in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. During the schoool year every day was filled challenges and perspectives that I had never encountered or seen before. The Word of God was taken to a whole new level and given such value that caused a hunger in me that as a teenager my Mom and Dad had consistently and diligently instill in me. It was all coming alive through my teachers, friends, and those God had placed in my life in this new season of my life.

As many of my friends were experiencing the same paradigm shift that first school year  a quote surfaced that we all started to say due to many awkward moments we we’re all facing, which I’ll quote in a minuet, but first a story for effect.  One day as we were leaving Tuesday Prayer a young lady walked up to one of my friends and said, ” the Lord gave me a dream last night of the back of my husbands head, and it looks just like yours”. Now you can imagine the response we all had as we stood there with our jaws hanging wide open before we all fell on the floor with laughter…and now the quote…”you are so spiritually minded that you are no earthly good”. This quote gives some validity to such instances, but has no real truth.

The Word tells us in Romans 8:6 “For to be carnally minded is death, but to be SPIRITUALLY MINDED is life and peace.’ The truth of the matter is that girl in the story above was not really being spiritually minded, she was just being weird! There is no such thing as being “Too Spiritually Minded” for when we allow the Spirit to rule in our lives we will find the life and peace we all seek.  …to be continued

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