Vacuum, Blanket and Glove

Have you ever been vacuuming and ran over something that it didn’t pick up, and then you stop pick up this mystery item that is so defiant and then…throw that sucker down to give the trusty vacuum another chance to redeem its self, it’s cool we all have.

Sometimes I think as believers we treat the name of Jesus the same way, we run the name of Jesus over a situation and stand back to see if it did the job. The Lord explained it to me like this, He said, “Dustin, don’t look at the name of Jesus like a blanket that you throw at a situation and then wait to see if it covers it up, but rather look at it like a glove, as you put the glove on you become one with it able to get the job done” Jesus prayed for us to be made one with the Father and Himself in John 17:21. When you pray and finish with “IN the name of Jesus”, that’s just what it is…IN the name of Jesus that is able to get the job done.

Philippians 2:9-10 tells us that Jesus was given the name above every name, and that at that name every knee would bow. When we use the name of Jesus we are not running over, or throwing it at a problem we are declaring with ownership all power and authority knowing that what ever name is trying to raise its ugly head, it must bow and get out of the way! There are no questions asked for we have been given this name as our own!

Jesus said in Mark 16:17 that IN His name signs would follow the believer. Next time you pray and use the name of Jesus don’t use it like a vacuum or a blanket speak the NAME that has been given to you with full power causing miraculous change in your life and those around you. Learn to expect change by faith, never be moved by the natural senses, but by the Word of God!

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