Jesus in Mark 4:13-32 is explaining to His disciples the meaning of the parable of the sower. The main point in this parable is the Seed, not the ground. The Seed will produce, it will do its job. The soil is our hearts and the condition of it depends on how we hear, and how we give value to it. In Mark 4:24 in the Amplified Bible it reads like this

And He said to them, Be careful what you are hearing. The measure [of thought and study] you give [to the truth you hear] will be the measure [of virtue and knowledge] that comes back to you – and more [besides] will be given to you who hear.

I get excited that the measure of thought and study we give to the TRUTH, will be given back to us and more, more revelation of FREEDOM over the lies of the devil. Our knowledge of Gods character and Person will grow to the degree we take time to hear what the Seed is saying to us. Our confidence in overcoming any situation and living in victory is measured in what we hear.

The place we most fail is when we don’t place value on what we read in our daily devotions and that which is spoken by our Pastors, and ministers concerning the Word of God. If we take lightly the seed it is clearly seen in the Word that it will be taken away. (John 10:10; Mark 4:15) We must guard our hearts and the Seed that is planted (Prov. 4:23) for out of it flows the issue’s of life. We do this by not allowing the devil to persuade us to abandon what God’s Word speaks. If it says that He will never leave us or forsake us, then no matter what the natural looks like or what others say, we decide to only HEAR His Words and allow them to grow and produce in our lives

Again, “What Are You Hearing?” Truth or Lies? Hear truth and know it is working in you mightily!

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